Friday, November 9, 2012


One of my favorite childhood games was Madlibs.
If you aren't familiar with the game this is how it works:
The Madlibs people have taken a short story of one or two paragraphs and removed 12-15 words within the writing.
An individual or group replaces those missing words with other words that fit (generally: adjective, noun, etc) but usually will not fit the story line.
The people who choose the new words do so without knowing what the story is about to increase the odds of absurdity.
When all the words have been replaced, the recorder/reader will recite the story to the room with the new words in place.
You end up getting sentences like: "The lumpy kittens lapped up fuzzy milk."
To young people these kinds of sentences are very funny and provide for many giggles.

On a serious note...
God has called for Christians to represent Him here on earth. The Bible gives us all of the instruction we need to represent Him correctly and honorably. We are given the nouns (church, body of Christ, spiritual household, ambassadors, living stones...) the verbs (love, hope, go-make-baptize-teach-obey...) and adjectives (kind, compassionate, hospitable...).

Some time for reflection...
It is always good to have some time of introspection. Look at your life right now - what kind of noun are you reciting to the world? Which verbs are you doing? What adjectives describe who you are? How do these things represent Christ? Are you honoring Him or making a mockery of His kingdom?